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IAAS Poland 2017

TNT in Warsaw

Between 18th and 23rd of April at Warsaw University of Life Sciences took place TNT (Training New Trainers). As an IAAS PolandCommittee we hosted 11 amazing people whose major aim was to become a Trainer and 4 skilled and experienced Trainers. Participants had the opportunity to take part in the soft skills workshops. Our guests came from Switzerland, Greece, Slovenia, Austria and Germany.

Although participants had 10 hours of training a day (what was quite intense experience) there was always time for evening meetings with integration games. Of course, traditionally for IAAS there was Trade Fair where everybody could try out traditional dishes from different countries. Also, everybody took part in dumplings workshop which was one of the funniest workshop ever 😉

At the end of TNT participants carried out their own trainings. After that everybody went to the Town and Royal Baths in Warsaw to celebrate new skilled Trainers.
As an IAAS Poland Committee we guarantee that those 11 great and such a motivated people will be the best Trainers ever!

Job Fairs 2017

On March 9th we organized ‘Job Fairs – Employer of dreams’ which took place at our university (Warsaw University of Life Sciences). This project has been conducted annually, since eight years by IAAS Poland. Every year we invite many different companies which have the opportunity to present themselves for students who are looking for an internship or a job.
That event is widely promoted at our university and every year attract attention of many students. In this year we hosted 12 companies like: Suez, Avon, Bakalland, Eurocash, McCormick, Żywiec, ADM, Döhler, Camp Leaders and the others.
That edition of Job Fairs visited about 1000 students.



Days of WULS (Warsaw University of Life Sciences)

From 19 to 20 of May, we celebrated Days of Warsaw University of Life Sciences. It was great opportunity to promote our organization, show what we do and invite new members to IAAS.
We met a lot of people: students, children and elderly people who like our work.
We prepared some competitions with great prizes. Participants could try to identify flags other countries or show where they are on a map. Children could draw something connected with other nationalities on the balloons. Thanks to that we could share the ideas of IAAS with others.


Academy of Analysis – Supply Chain Management

On 17th of May as an IAAS Poland Committee at WULS we hosted representative of AVON who carried out a workshop on supply chain management in AVON.
Thanks to that workshop students could know how looks like the whole process of supply in AVON. Also, they were informed about the job offers in that company and what qualifications they need to get to work in AVON.


Written by: Natalia Oryszewska & Natalia Niemotko

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