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Time to sum up 2016!

First of all – we would like to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR! The end of the year 2016 is the best time to sum up what we did. We tackled challenges and projects. Read about them below:

Targi Pracy – pracodawca marzeń 

It’s the most popular project organised by IAAS Poland. It is also well known by SGGW students. We invite representatives of companies who present jobs for students. This event is a big chance for those who are looking for experience and would like to find dream job offer.  By the way: more information about next edition – soon! Visit our Facebook page here: Targi Pracy SGGW.

Podwieczorki przy CSR

This project is kind of informal meeting for people who love topics related to CSR. You can ask now: but what is exactly „CSR”? Answer is quite simple: Corporate Social Responsibility.  The largest companies care about their strategies including: people, employment, environment. If  you want to talk face to face with people from the most popular companies and in the meantime, sip coffee and eat a good cookie – it’s the best meeting for you. We invited representatives from Nutricia and IKEA in 2016. It was nice to listening about volunteer program in Nutricia or taking part in a quiz with great prizes. Read more: Nutricia and IKEA.

Exchange Week

This year we visited two countries: France and Belgium. Thanks for invitation! We have to say that it was the best time to explore your culture and learn something new.

Seminar – Between tradition and quality

We organised seminar and we took our guests to Zakopane and Kiry. What did we do? Here’s our plan: 


Thank you IAAS Spain for a great time during Green Week. About this project you can read here.

Website and Instagram

Social Media and Website are the best way to share information with you. So we decided to create this site. We would like to tell you what we do and why IAAS is the best international student organisation for you! 

Instagram: IAAS Poland

FoodWaste movie

I have to mention about a movie made by our committee. How to prepare BIGOS? Watch here.

We learn a lot from all activities, for example how to organise big events such a Jobs fairs, make people listen you, join our organizaton. During all year we also exchanged experience and knowledge with commietees from around the World.

Wrote by:
Dominika Ambroziak


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